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Ask for permission before petting someone else’s dog.
Leave nursing moms alone.
Pet a dog under the chin and chest.
Respect a dogs resting place.
Approach a dog only if he is awake.
Behave calmly around dogs.
Stand like a tree if a dog gets too excited or becomes aggressive.
Play safe games like hide and seek or fetch with dogs.
Stay away from dogs that maybe injured or hurt.
Look at the dogs paws while you greet him and not directly into his eyes. Don't stare into a dog's eyes because that's how dogs challenge each other to fight.
Make your hand in the shape of a bowl to give a dog a treat.
Put your hand out slowly for a dog to sniff.




Never feed cow's milk to any infant animal. It doesn't contain the essential nutrience needed for a puppy. Most animals become lactose intolerant past the nursing age which may cause a severe diarrhea. If you do need supplements, there are puppy milk & kitten milk formulas at the vet hospital.
Don't Sit on a dogs back.
Don't Put your face right up to a dogs face.
Don't Interact with a dog unless there is an adult present.
Don't Hit or poke a dog with a stick.
Don't Enter the property where a dog lives to retrieve a lost toy.
Don't Run away screaming.
Don't Approach a dog that is tied .
Don't Put your hand in the window, crate or anywhere a dog maybe confined.

Don't make loud noises around dogs.
Don't bother a dog while he is eating.
NEVER tease a dog.
Never reach through a fence to pet a dog.
Never put your hand between two dogs.
Never put your face close to a dog or extend your fingers - if you MUST extend your hand, keep it down and closed, exposing the knuckle part first to avoid a bite.
Never try to help a hurt dog unless you KNOW what you're doing - call someone if you don't!
Never enter a yard that has a dog in it without permission.
Don't ever bother a mother dog when she is caring for her puppies.


* You may want to help an injured animal, but take precautions. Even your own pet may bite if it's in pain or afraid. Don't try to pick him up or pet him. Move slowly and try loosely muzzling the dog with a leash or strip of cloth.